Sequential Manual Therapy

Sequential Manual Therapy (SMT) allows the therapist to perform a screen and assess each patient uniquely to find their key areas of dysfunction. This in turn allows the body to work towards a lasting healing process instead of a symptomatic approach that provides temporary relief. 

SMT assesses the quantity and quality of movement in all parts of the body, removing hindrances and working through the restrictions to reestablish normal motion, decrease/eliminate pain, and optimize function.

SMT differs in that it evaluates total body movement patterns, posture, muscular balance, and traumas to uniquely treat each individual. 

We know that injury, disease, and/or surgical intervention affecting one part of the musculoskeletal system often directly or indirectly affects all parts of the body. Pain often results from attempts to compensate for limitations in the body. Come experience a different type of treatment that evaluates your unique history.


Essential Oil Massage

Using therapy grade essential oils, massage techniques are applied to feet, back, neck and arms.

Benefits: kills viral and bacterial pathogens; reduces inflammation; supports immune system; eases respiratory discomfort; relaxes stressed muscles; relieves body and joint discomfort.


Ion Detox

Using a dual electrode module comprised of a positive anode and a negatively charged anode, current flows out forming an array. This creates an electromagnetic field to draw out toxins throught the sweat glands in the feet.

Purpose: makes the body's pH more alkaline. Diseases thrive in an acidic environment. The more alkaline your body, the less prone you are to coming down with diseases.